Colors, furniture and design of each room recall sceneries and landscapes used as a setting of cult movies: from Divorce Italian style, with Stefania Sandrelli and Marcello Mastroianni, to the Postman by Radford, from the Leopard and La Terra Trema by Visconti, to Malena and Cinema Paradiso by Tornatore. The unique Royal Suite Cosa Nostra is a very stylish suite, where each detail leads the guest inside the cult movies The Godfather by Francis Ford Coppola and The Day of the Owl, from a crime novel about the Mafia by Leonardo Sciascia.

The design of the architects and the work of local artists have created an amazing mix, where wall paintings reproducing characters or quotations from the best international movies, furniture and fabrics, items and décor all contribute to create a perfect film strip where Sicily is the protagonist. The original project wants to describe Sicily through the splendor suggested by movies and literature: it is a way to understand Sicily and Catania, overcoming or intensifying the stereotypes of daily chronicle.