Hotel Duomo Suites & SPA is a place for your relaxation in the heart of Catania, just a short walk from the Cathedral. The spa facilities include a wet area with hammam, sauna and Jacuzzi; a list of treatments can be enjoyed directly in the massage room. Following the concept of our design hotel, the massages also recall titles and suggestions of renowned national and international movies set in Sicily.

Use of Turkish bath, sauna, Jacuzzi, changing room and courtesy kit

Duration: 60 minutes € 35,00 per person | Couple entrance € 60,00

Wet Area and Relaxing Massage, sauna, jacuzzi

Massage length: 45 minutes € 85,00 | 60 minutes € 100,00

Relaxing massage

A soft touch of the hands will create a pleasant moment of relax and absolute wellness for the whole body. You can find a new body and emotional balance, with a sensitive rebirth.

Duration: 45 minutes € 60,00 | 60 minutes € 75,00

Localized massage

Specific treatment of back and neck, or feet and legs, especially suitable for those who have not a lot of time and want to allay tensions in the lumbar, dorsal and cervical area, or want to stimulate reflex points related to internal organs, the nervous system and blood circulation.

Duration: 20 minutes € 45,00

Stress relieving massage

A total body deep massage, performed with soft manipulations to stretch the contracted muscles, with warm oils, giving a pleasant sense of relax and reinvigoration of the whole body.

Duration: 45 minutes € 75,00 | 60 minutes € 90,00

Tailormade massage

This massage aims at maintaining or restoring the individual balance. A full body massage, during which the body is thoroughly covered with oil and alternates gentle movements and vigorous pressures. This massage offers relief from both physical and psychological problems; including circulation and water retention.

Duration: 45 minutes € 75,00 | 60 minutes € 90,00


A massage based on the wellness given by a real exchange of energies, resulting from the use of special hot or cold stones. It helps muscle and tension release.

Duration: 45 minutes € 75,00 | 60 minutes € 90,00


There are many benefits of this type of massage: high hydration, relaxation thanks to the aromatherapy based on natural scents, muscle relaxation against tension.

Duration: 45 minutes € 75,00 | 60 minutes € 90,00


Couple ritual with chrome/aroma/music therapy, herbal tea tasting, scrub massage with honey and cane sugar, feet hot wrapping and steam baths.

Duration: 60 minutes € 190,00 per couple


A lymphatic draining, anti-cellulite massage with Mediterranean citrus essential oils.

Duration: 60 minutes € 90,00


A Full Body massage performed with chocolate oils and creams.

Duration: 60 minutes € 90,00


Total body massage performed with salt water vaporizations and essential olis like Patchouli and Sandalwood. A relaxing ritual that combines aromatherapy with manual massage.

Duration: 60 minutes € 90,00


Exfoliating legs scrub massage and application of creams with draining and refreshing effects. Legs feel light and toned.

Duration: 60 minutes € 90,00


A dedicated massage for pregnant women, to give tranquility and well-being to body and mind.

Duration: 45 minutes € 70,00 | 60 minutes € 85,00


Thanks to the effect of sea salts, it is a revitalizing and relaxing treatment for your body. There are many benefits of this therapeutic massage: against stress, cellulite, to help diuresis and eliminating dead cells.

Duration: 60 minutes € 100,00


Total body scrub for sensitive skin performed using honey and cane sugar. Nourishment and gentle exfoliation for your skin.

Durata: 60 minuti € 100,00


Total body scrub massage performed with exfoliating brushes and microgranules of nuts and almonds. New energy for the whole body.

Duration: 60 minutes € 100,00


Back treatment with steam baths, scrub and impurities removal (not to be done in case of acne).

Duration: 60 minutes € 70,00


Mud treatment or draining bandage with ati-cellulite and toning effect.

Durata: 60 minuti € 90,00


Eternity: Anti-aging treatment with hyaluronic acid or snail slime or viper or bee serum - Duration: 60 minutes € 90,00

Vitamin: Illuminating and tan enhancing treatment with Vitamin C - Duration: 60 minutes € 80,00

Vitality: Anti-pollution detox treatment based on snail slime - Duration: 60 minutes € 75,00

Lifting: Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Age treatment with lifting effect based on glycolic, mandelic, salicylic and hyaluronic acid with the application of a silicone mask - Duration: 60 minutes € 90,00

All the treatments can be booked as «couple treatments». Beauty treatments are also available.

SPA con hammam in centro a Catania