It is possible to reach Catania from the airport with cheap and efficent coach lines.

It is also possible to move in town with the urban bus line service.

Following all the information needed to move in Catania:

Coach lines from the airport

Alibus lines connect the airport to the city of Catania and it has serveral bus stops.

The Alibus stop is close to the exit of the Arrivals of the airport.

There is an Alibus ride every 25 minutes starting at 5:00 am and ending at 12:00 pm (midnight).

The cost of the ride is € 4,00 and it is possible to buy it on-board, at the airport or from authorized retailers.

Urban bus lines 

AMT is the urban bus lines service of Catania: it is easy to recognize them as the bus are orange and the lines cover the whole city.

The cost of a ride is € 1,00 and it lasts 90 minutes. It is possible to but tickets from tobacconist shops, some bars, or in the AMT kiosks available in the city.

AMT toll free telephone number: verde 800.01.8696.